Men of Valor

Men of Valor is an empowerment group for men and boys that prepares them to become vital leaders in their families, communities, churches and businesses, by addressing and rectifying the challenges men are faced with. Learn More… list of real time gaming casinos


Sister2Sister is an empowerment group for women from all walks of life. This group of women promotes positivity, while openly discussing real-life issues experienced in life, love, work and ministry. Learn More… american casinos online

3RHOMI Prayer Line

In prayer we act through divine-human communication to God’s call on our lives.

If you or a family member, or a friend is need of prayer, the Lord shall hear your request through the prayers of the entire RHOMI Prayer Line. You do not have to walk this course, but rather holding hands together with those who by faith will together lift you up in prayer. Learn More…

4Homeless Outreach

Reaping The Harvest gives back to our homeless community every 3rd Saturday of the month. We are committed to seeing the people of God strengthened through God’s love. It is indeed our pleasure to serve the families and offer no cost events. Learn More…

Born 2 LeadRHOMI Youth Center

The RHOMI Youth Center will be the sounding response for answering the call of the “cries” of our young generation that has no one to turn to. The RHOMI vision is to begin as a resource center responding to the facing challenges of our youth such as literacy, education, poverty, mentoring, emotional development, at-risk teens, and a refuge for those in need. Learn More…