Our Mission

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Our Vision

Together Men of Valor men will forge a brotherhood and forum to provide the answers for men around the world dealing with difficult issues that impact their families, workplace, and community.

Who We Are

There is no manual that exists for men, so most men are left alone to try to figure things out when new circumstance arise in their lives. Men have to juggle being held accountable for their household, church and community while dealing with the pressures of manhood. Today’s culture has lost the true meaning of the traditional manhood – courage, temperance, justice, prudence, perseverance, and self-reliance. Men no longer have the sense of honor and love of family, community, and of God. Men of Valor realizes in order to restore these principles we must become the community for men to provide the support, guidance, resources, and answers that address the needs of men. We will work together collectively to bridge the gap in developing leadership for the males from this generation in their late teens and early twenties to be strong men like their grandfather’s generation.

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